Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy Halloween!!!

Wow.......I am a lil' far behind on keeping up with my blog.  Things have really been crazy lately and so much to do.  I havent been able to take the time out to post anything.  I am going to try to keep up on posting as I create.  Thanks to anyone out there sticking with me.  Today I am going to post a photo of my Pumpkin I carved for Halloween.  By the way: Thank you to my Husband for buying me a dremel tool.  I had a ton of fun carving this out.  Although it did take a long time to do. :)

And here is it lit up......

I had fun with this and plan to use my dremel for other projects as well.  
For another project I have done recently I was challenged over at the Fiskateers site to decorate a Witch's Hat.  Here is my finished project, and please excuse the photos are not the best.



I had fun creating this too.  I hope all of you had a Great Halloween!!  I know my kiddos did.  I although am still sore from all that walking.  But it was worth seeing smiles on my kids faces.
Until I post again.

                          Come back and visit again!! 


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Some Ive been meaning to share.

Hi there my friends.  Here again today to share so more projects Ive been meaning to share.  I took a few challenges about a month back on the Fiskateer site.  I wanted to share them with you.

 I made this for The challenge "The Envelope please".  I decided to make a winners envelope.  

I cut a strip of my black sparkly paper and the felt stars are from a RAK  I won.  The Silver pieces are chipboard.  I also won a little goodie bag on this one. YAY!!  Nothing like Fiskars tools.  

My second was from another challenge on the Fiskateer site.  "And the Nominee's Are:"  challenge.
I went with the movie the "Help" And of course Minnie's Pie.
I made a recipe box.
The paper choices were from Minnie's dress for the bottom part and for the lid Green was the color of her hat.  I made a Mini Pie for the top and made a like book.  I added a paper rose and some twine to top it off.
Here is a close up of  the top.

Hope you like my projects.  Im outta here for the day.  I hope to post a couple more projects tomorrow.

Thanks for visiting.


Spreading the news.....(Closed)

Spreading the news.........


Give her a little help.  follow her bloggie and also see her creations.  She is very Talented.  


P.S.  Another post of my Creativeness is coming out reallllllllly soon.  So come back and see.

Friday, April 20, 2012

National Scrapbooking day is having a giveaway on their page.CLOSED

National Scrapbooking day is having an awesome giveaway.  Go to this link to enter:

Here is the details also on there page.  Enter through the rafflecopter at the bottom of their page.

What better way to celebrate National Scrapbooking day then to win some really great prizes?  We couldn’t agree more, so thanks to our friends at Homeketeers they are giving away some great prizes in honor of National Scrapbooking day.
One Grand Prize Winner:
  • Tim Holtze Vagabond – value $249.99
  • 10 scrapbooking Kits – value $220.00
One First Prize Winner:
  • Pink Sizzix Sidekick – value $39.99
  • 7 scrapbooking kits – value $150.00
Two Second Place Prize Winners:
  • 5 scrapbooking kits – value $110.00
sounds great to me....
Head over there now......


Birthday card to sis.

A birthday card I made for my sister.  She loves Purple.  I Entered it in a challenge with We R Memory Keepers.  The Birthday card Contest.  The goal was to make a Birthday card and it would be voted on.  The top 5 would win a prize.  I was up against some really neat cards.  All these ladies made really cute and Beautiful cards.  I was very proud and excited when I found out I was one of the top 5.  YAY!!!  I was so excited. So now that the contest is over I wanted to share it with you.
Now this isn't the best picture of it.  But the only one I have right now.  I took the picture with my phone so there is a glare on it.  

Supplies used:
White card stock
Colorbok Purple card stock
flower gem
Glue Dots
Fiskars paper trimmer
Fiskars scissors
flower stencils
baby powder

You may be asking why Baby powder well I learned that on stickers to take the sticky off of them you put baby powder on them.  Then you can make them look 3D by using Glue dots.  For Butterflies I fold the butterfly in the center so it looks like a landed butterfly. Stick a mini Glue Dot on the fold and place. 

I did want to Thank everyone who voted for my card during the contest.  It means alot to me.  And Thank you We R Memory Keepers for the contest and the goodies.

And Not to forget to say Happy Birthday Sis.

I hope you enjoy my card.  Off again to see what I can create this weekend.  I really want to start entering more challenges.  If any one has some suggestions, please let me know.   See you all soon for another post .  Have a great weekend.


(I Love your comments so please don't be afraid to leave one)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Couple Cards for a friend......

I love crafting and making things but I also love my friends and I have one who has been apart of my life for a couple years now.  I have never met her face to face but we chat almost every day online. She is my Farmville friend.  Yes I too have been the bitten by the Farmville bug.  I love it.  And I am addicted to it.  I have played almost everyday for the last 2 years.  Crazy I know but it really is my time.  It is my place to go and stop worrying about all the worries of life.  I just cant get enough.  Now I'm writing this post to show you a couple cards I sent to her.  My Patricia is a wonderful woman.  So here is why.  My mother in law rides a Harley and posted a pic of her wearing a cute purple Harley shirt.  My Patricia commented on it that she loved it and we decided to go get her one and mail it to her.  so although we could not find the same shirt we found the perfect one for her.  Well this was a great excuse to make a couple cards for her.  So here they are.
Here is My FV card.  and  here is the inside.
I punched this with my Fiskars peacock punch.  I love the way.  And since that was not enough I made a Harley card for her too.  I got the inspiration of the colors from my mother in law's new custom paint job.  Pink and black.  with some awesome airbrush work on the back fender.
I didnt take a pic of the inside of this one but I put pink paper inside to write on.  Patricia already received her cards so now I can post this on here.  I hope everyone loves them as much as Patricia did.  Thanks for stopping by.  I will have some more for you shortly.


Friday, April 6, 2012

Giveaway at Whisker Graphics CLOSED

2000 Likes Giveaway Day #4 (HUGE Finale!)

  This lucky winner will win 3 spools of Divine Twine of their choice AND all the other items from the giveaways this week!  That’s right!  They will get the labels and Bitty Bags AND the twine!  Woohoo!!!

Giveaway will end Monday April 9th
Make sure you head over to their page.  Thanks.

Giveaway over at The Daily Marker blog (CLOSED)

The Daily Marker is having a Candy Giveaway over at her blog.  Go visit for a chance to win and while your there hop along with Lily pad for their first Birthday Celebration.  A lot of prizes involved and a ton of inspiration from all the projects of some talented ladies. Here's a pic of the candy you can win at The Daily Marker.
Have a great day and I will be back with more of my projects later.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

My very first post.

This is my very first post.  I have wanted to have a blog of my own for a while now and I finally jump in and joined.  YAY!!
       I am a crafter by heart.  I love doing all kinds of things anywhere from drawing to making things out of paper and the list goes on.  I once made my son a paper rifle out of plain white paper.  He then took to his crayons and colored it all kinds of colors.  It turned out really good.  Looked like a "colorful" real rifle.  lol.  Kids will be kids.  I am married with two wonderful kids.  My latest enjoyment is making cards and gift bags.  I will be mainly posting about crafting and things I make so I hope you enjoy what I post in the future and bare with me as I am a newbie and learning as I go.

Pictured is a card I made for a challenge I did on the Fiskateer site.  Yup I'm a Fiskateer and Proud to be one.  I love the challenges there and the fun, loving people that share the same love of crafting.  If you want to learn more about that you can go to   Take a look around and ask to join.  You will have a ton of fun.   Now on to my card, I made it for the challenge "On the red carpet" for the Academy Awards.  We had to choose something that inspired us like a dress or accessory.  My inspiration came from Nancy O'dell's gown.  It was yellow with a black lacey overlay.  I used the Fiskars Grandma's Doily punch for this.  I hope you like my card and my first post.  Thank you for visiting.  Hope to be back soon with some more creations.


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spreading the word for inspiration and Blog candy...(CLOSED)

Just a Quick post today.....Want to spread the word for some blog candy....But hey While you are there check out her blog.  There is some pretty amazing work there too.  I was inspired for sure.  Here's the link to go over and check out her blog.

And here is a photo of HER Blog candy!!!!

Dont forget to follow the rules to be entered.....and To leave her some love along the way too.  She does have some amazing work over there dont forget to look around.

Make sure you visit her blog to enter:  although I love your comments commenting here will not win you this prize.

HUGS and see you next time... 


Monday, April 2, 2012

RRR Blog candy!!!! CLOSED

Really Reasonable Ribbon has a giveaway with some YUMMY blog candy!!!  Go check it out on their blog:

Here is a photo of what they have up for grabs.  Make sure you take a look around their blog and store too. I love their products so much and they create some really amazing projects too.

OH how I would love to win this......Talk about helping me out with my cards.  So Go Go Go on over and get your name in the hat.  Good luck to all...

I will be posting some more of my own creations here a little later.  So come back and see them.  


Giveaway over at The Daily Marker blog CLOSED

The Daily Marker is having a Candy Giveaway over at her blog.  Go visit for a chance to win and while your there hop along with Lily pad for their first Birthday Celebration.  A lot of prizes involved and a ton of inspiration from all the projects of some talented ladies. Here's a pic of the candy you can win at The Daily Marker.
Have a great day and I will be back with more of my projects later.