Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy Halloween!!!

Wow.......I am a lil' far behind on keeping up with my blog.  Things have really been crazy lately and so much to do.  I havent been able to take the time out to post anything.  I am going to try to keep up on posting as I create.  Thanks to anyone out there sticking with me.  Today I am going to post a photo of my Pumpkin I carved for Halloween.  By the way: Thank you to my Husband for buying me a dremel tool.  I had a ton of fun carving this out.  Although it did take a long time to do. :)

And here is it lit up......

I had fun with this and plan to use my dremel for other projects as well.  
For another project I have done recently I was challenged over at the Fiskateers site to decorate a Witch's Hat.  Here is my finished project, and please excuse the photos are not the best.



I had fun creating this too.  I hope all of you had a Great Halloween!!  I know my kiddos did.  I although am still sore from all that walking.  But it was worth seeing smiles on my kids faces.
Until I post again.

                          Come back and visit again!!