Monday, September 11, 2017

Game Day!!!

Game Day!!!

Good morning crafty friends, I am over on the Victorine Originals blog today sharing a canvas I made. 
Head on over and make sure to leave a comment. 

Today I'm sharing a project with you that is a little different than my normal mixed media canvas peices. 
I am using the football stamp from our own Victorine Originals.

Here is my canvas.

I started out with a blank canvas and paint it blue.  I used two different color blues and mixed them as I was painting to cover the entire canvas. 
I then came back and painting paw prints and tiger stripes on the canvas. 
At this point I knew it needed a lil more edge, so I painted on claws and claw marks.
I also had a blank wooden football I knew I was going to use. I painted it to look like an actual Football and then stamped this cool football stamp right on the football. 
I also added the number 29.

The number 29 represents my son's Jersey#.
He is playing football this year. And really has it in his heart to play.
I'm not the normal sports mom. He did play basketball last year and was in karate a few years before that. 
But this is a whole new level for me.
I don't watch football but I'm sure learning the game now that he is playing. Or at least trying to.

The name of the Team is the Tigers. 
When I knew I was going to use this stamp, I knew I was going to do something for my son's wall. 
I actually had started out wood burning on the wooden football but it became a quick fail.  I'm am still fairly new to wood burning and it just wasn't turning out the way I had planned. I think we all have these days or projects. 
I ordered a new wooden football and was on my way yet again. 
I used his Jersey as inspiration, so I thought it was more meaningful to take the photos with it in the background. 
He loves it by the way. 

Don't forget to join in our challenge that is still going on over at Victorine Originals.

Here is the mood board

And the theme is fall sports. 
So you can either use fall, sports or anything the mood board, even colors. 
I can't wait to see your projects. 

Thanks for stopping by

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