Sunday, November 2, 2014

News-Good and Bad!!  
But one thing is for sure
Hi there my crafty friends.   I know it has been a while since I have posted anything.  But I have a good reason for doing so.  My husband and I separated back in November.  I know... It has been almost a year.  Wow.  Time flies.  But Our Divorce started in April.  So Things have been a little crazy since then.  Between Me having to find a new job and taking the first thing that flew my way so I can support my son who is 9 years old now.  It has been an adventure I kind of wish I did not go thru.  But I am.  So therefore.  What must happen, has to at this point.  We all dream of the days from long ago.  When two people supported their family and stayed together no matter what.  Well if you don't or didn't.. I sure did.  And that seemed to fall apart.  As my Husband went his separate way. I went through so many things I never thought I would.  And With the new job of working at a Factory, I have not been able to craft much or do anything else.  I never dreamed working at a factory was so exhausting nor destructing of ones body.  But it totally is.  And on top of things my body decided it could not handle some of the repetitive work.  So I ended up at the doctor.  My shoulder hurting so very badly.  I couldn't write for more than 5 mins.  I couldn't lift weights more than 2 lbs. And my poor shoulder would just pinch up when I tried to move it.  So now.  I have been on limited work until I get thru some physical therapy.  Which I have to say has been helping.  I now am not as tired cause I am on limited work.  And although I still hurt from standing 8 hours a day on a concrete floor.  I am happy to say... I am crafting and creating again. Although my Divorce is not final yet.  I decided.. I needed to get back in the world of blogging and share my art work with everyone.  Keep my blog up to date and maybe one day soon be doing more than I ever dreamed of in the craft and Art world.  I do have an interview on Tuesday, Which I am hoping will bring me more time to blog and create.  So wish me luck.

In the mean time.  I do want to share something I did do lately.  I entered a contest on the Plus Corporation of America Facebook page( ).  Although I did not win First place due to not enough votes.  I still wanted to share my project with all of you.  It is a canvas I painted and added details to using Plus Corporation's stamps.  The owl is so cute.  They make different kinds of stamps for different kinds of uses.  If you would like to check them out... here is there website: . They carry office supply stamps as well as some crafty stuff. 

Here is my project.

And her is a close up of my flowers......

I used a variety of different products on this canvas.
Tim Holts Distress inks
Petaloo flowers
Plus Corporation roller stamps- The owl and the dots
Hazel and ruby tissue paper
Faber Castell Glass Bead glitter gel for texture. 
DCWV boo stickers and small card (which I actually cut in two decorated both sides of)
Plus Corporation's glue tape
Plus a few odds and ends things I had laying around. 

I hope you enjoyed my project.  I will be posting more in the near future.  Let me get my craft on and it will be posted.
I also would like to start testing products for companies.  If any companies would like me to test their products and write reviews on them.  I would be happy to do so.  or if you know a company that does this, just let me know.  I would really appreciate it.  HUGS to all my Craft friends.  See you again very soon.