Monday, November 17, 2014


First off I wanted to say I was sorry for announcing the winner a little late.
I had a few hiccups with my computer
And I am very thankful
to have someone special to fix it

I want to thank everyone for visiting my blog and joining me for my week with 
Growing in Unity

I loved all your comments
And appreciate every one of them
They really are all so uplifting and encouraging.

Also a Big thank you to all who follow my blog.
It really means a lot to know you want to know what I am posting.
and that I may have inspired you one way or another.

A recap from this past week
Day 2
 Day 3
Day 4
And Day 5

 I hope you take something with you from this last week.
I hope I encouraged or inspired you to
go and make something great.
It doesnt matter if it is something you have never done
before.  Just as long as you try.

Now for what you all have been waiting for.....
I took how many comments I had for all 5 days
which was 121
I felt that gave everyone who commented on all 5 days
5 chances.
The more chances the better right.....
So here we are with
The Winner of 2 itty bitty stamps from the Unity Stamp Company

True Random Number Service

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:
Timestamp: 2014-11-18 04:26:40 UTC

And that means the WINNER is....

Amy!!! I love this,,,I keep saying I want to try, but have been too nervous great job

If you would please contact me
And let me know your selections and address
as soon as possible
I will get the info over to Unity Stamp Co 
so you can get your prize.
I want to again thank all of you and Unity Stamp Co.
See you again really soon.
Big Hugs