Thursday, September 22, 2016

Growing in Unity Day 4 September Girl and a Bottle of wine.

Growing in Unity
Day 4

Wow... Cant believe the week is almost over.  It is going by so fast.  But hey,  Its not over until it's over, Right?

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Today I am sharing with you a project that I have been wanting to do for a while.
Who likes wine????

Yeah, me too.  But what to do with all those bottles.  I cant throw them away.  Well, not all of them anyway.
So today I am showing you a project 
from one of my saved wine bottles.

It is Pretty!!!

And September Girl Had to make an appearance since it is September!

It all started with a bottle of wine, Once I drank it, that is.
the label was the first to go and you know that sticky stuff the label leaves?
yeah, that has to go too.

After I cleaned the bottle up a bit, I took it outside and spray painted it white.
This took quite a few times to make sure it was all covered and layered well.
After that dried, I began experimenting. 
I knew September Girl was the stamp.
But how was I going to make it stamp on a glass surface? 
was the question.
and I can say, it took about 10 times to get a perfect image using reg black ink. 
(the bottle being glass makes for a slippery surface, the stamp would slip and smear the ink.  Plus you have the roundness of the bottle too that doesn't work with you, by the way.)
So after the ink dried,  I wasn't happy with it. The lines became so thin, it was hard to see and even worse to try to capture with a camera.  We live, we learn, Right???

(please note: I am not telling you this is impossible or that it is a hard project, Because really this was not hard to create at all.
I just want to make sure if any of you try this, there will be things you will run into.  But don't let that discourage you from trying or continuing on with the project.
Some of our best projects come from our worse mistakes.
And for those that may have tried this.  It was new to me.  So if you have any suggestions, or idea's you found out while creating a decoration piece from a bottle, Please feel free to comment away.
We learn from each other!!
That is what a community is about.)

So, out came the paint..... 
You know that made me happy right.
Nothing like getting paint all over.
My favorite!!! 
Another 10 or so attempts and I finally managed to stick with the little imperfections.
I used a gel pen to highlight her hair and a few other spots too.

I did think to color the image, but I thought it looked better on the bottle just how she was.

I used some twine to wrap around the bottom and the top of the bottle to add a fall like look.
and one last stamp, the feather.
I think it was a good choice.

So now I have such a pretty September/fall piece to show off to my friends and family.

Hope you liked my project today and that I inspired you in some way!!

Thanks so much for visiting.
tomorrow is the last day.  So make sure you come back and comment and see and be inspired to make new things with stamps.


Supplies used: 
Wine bottle - from my stash of drinking wine. :)
             Feather - Nov. 2014 Smak kit
White spray paint
Darice - Jute Twine
Gel pens and brown paint from my stash.

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